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stuff you like i guess

Monday, August 23, 2004


I like to make new user names. In fact I just made one, it's _____underxcore. I also like to be in this community, so I would like you to approve my request to join. I also noticed when I tried to join that it asked me if I approved myself as a member, because apparently I'm a mod on my other account. I like to be a mod, if you want to add me as a mod on _____underxcore I'd be very pleased.


So the other day, I was with this girl Emily. We were making out and I tried to un-do her belt and take off the pants. Unfortunately, she said no. But I got to see her boobs. It was good. I like boobs.

Current mood: quixotic


So the other day, I was with this girl Emily. We were making out and I tried to un-do her belt and take off the pants. Unfortunately, she said no. But I got to feel her boobs for hours. It was good. I like to feel boobs.

Current mood: quixotic

Tuesday, August 3, 2004


1. I got hugged by a clown once. I kicked him in the shin.
2. I got caught porking this girl by her mom. Her mom drove me home.

15. Saving Silverman
14. Bleeders
13. Ghoulies!
12. Predator
11. Lepperachaun in the hood
10. Blazing Saddles
9. Young Frankenstein
8. Donnie Darko (except the cinematography sucked)
7. SLC punk
6. Dumb and Dumber
5. South Park the movie
4. Simpsons and Family Guy movies (due out in 2005)
3. Angus
2. Kill Bill
1. Fast and the Furious

5. Rocky
4. Rambo
3. The one with Dennis Rodman and Van Damme or Segal...it was awesome
2. Bloodsport
1. Cliffhanger

3. Goose
2. Platypus
1. Jackalope

Denzel bitches. He can enforce people and make you smoke PCP even if you don't want to. That's what America needs.

Khalil Greene sucks. He shouldn't be rookie of the year.

Ron Jeremy, because he is an ugly and obese man who gets paid to have sex with many beautiful women on camera.

Current mood: quixotic

Saturday, July 31, 2004


-give a detailed description of the 2 most life-threatening situations you've ever been involved with or in and how you got out of them.
1. I was born with my umbilical cord wrapped twice around my neck and it almost choked me, but it didn't. Then I went to ICU for a few days.
2. Somebody probably tried to kill me or something.

-give a list of your top 15 all-time favorite movies; and a list of your top 5 movies prominently featuring steven segal, sylvester stallone, or jean claude van-damme.
1-15=Awesome movies.
-give a list of your 3 favorite animals, one of which must be magical.
Liger's magical, Tigon's aren't but I still like them.
-a decision on who you would vote for in a presidential election between denzel washington and samuel l jackson and why.
Sam Jackson fer serious. There's no contest, Sam gets the job done.
-why you think khalil greene, san diego's shortstop should be voted rookie of the year. Because he plays well.
-and who you would make god if you could, and why.Sam Jackson, he gets things done.

12:42AM - sup bitches

ive decided that i like getting paid to sit in a back room, talk and supposedly shrinkwrap movies and put them in the computer.

i also like the minnesota twins, khalil greene, and baseball.

i went to the rockies game yesterday, and eric gagne kicked ass. i think i like him too.

and gaston. but thats more of a missing thing.

and theres a girl i like but im not going to say her name. because maybe she'll read this. and my stealthy plan will be nullified.

and my dad wants to go see thunderbirds. what a freakin' homo.
blazing even.

and chocolate milk. i sure hope more people join this community. its getting pretty sad.

Current mood: quixotic

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

12:34AM - first post test stuff

so since people are going to have to do this to join. i may as well do it too.

1) the most life threatening situation i was ever born; when i was in, my esophages wasnt connected to my stomach. and a bunch of doctors fixed it. kind of a big deal. and uh the other one, my mom almost hit a moose in alaska. this was after she had a few beers. but i yelled at her. and she swerved.
15 first blood
14 half-baked
13 kill bill volume 2
12 this is spinal tap
11 happy gilmore
10 bloody fists of bloody rage 2: the sequel
9 anchorman
8 a night at the roxbury
7 mean girls
6 major league 2
5 mad max
4 mad max:beyond thunderdome
3 the road warrior
2 patton
1 napoleon dynamite
3. belly of the beast-segal
2. cliffhanger-stallone
1. first blood-the itallian stallion himself. sly stallone
3. tiger
2. lion
1. unicorn
4) this would be a tough decision for me. but i think in the end i would go for sam jackson. because he was in shaft. check it out and see what im talking about.
5) khalil greene deserves to be rookie of the year because he is an amazing shortstop who turns highlight double plays on an almost nightly basis, and he can knock it out of the park, basically on command.
6) i would probably make donald trump god. because he is rich. and he has a hot fiancee and daughter. thats cool.

Current mood: badonkadonk