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stuff you like i guess


Stuff that you like to do
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okay. this is a community about stuff that you like to do. for example. i like to drink lots of beers. chew tobacco. have sex with devastatingly hot women. play music. go swimming. whatever. the catch is, you can only post about stuff that you like to do. or stuff you did that you liked. or stuff that you'd like to do. or whatever really. just no old men masquerading as young girls. thast retarded. and no arabs of any kind.

heres what you have to do to get in:

-give a detailed description of the 2 most life-threatening situations you've ever been involved with or in and how you got out of them.
-give a list of your top 15 all-time favorite movies; and a list of your top 5 movies prominently featuring steven segal, sylvester stallone, or jean claude van-damme.
-give a list of your 3 favorite animals, one of which must be magical.
-a decision on who you would vote for in a presidential election between denzel washington and samuel l jackson and why.
-why you think khalil greene, san diego's shortstop should be voted rookie of the year.
-and who you would make god if you could, and why.