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first post test stuff

so since people are going to have to do this to join. i may as well do it too.

1) the most life threatening situation i was ever born; when i was in, my esophages wasnt connected to my stomach. and a bunch of doctors fixed it. kind of a big deal. and uh the other one, my mom almost hit a moose in alaska. this was after she had a few beers. but i yelled at her. and she swerved.
15 first blood
14 half-baked
13 kill bill volume 2
12 this is spinal tap
11 happy gilmore
10 bloody fists of bloody rage 2: the sequel
9 anchorman
8 a night at the roxbury
7 mean girls
6 major league 2
5 mad max
4 mad max:beyond thunderdome
3 the road warrior
2 patton
1 napoleon dynamite
3. belly of the beast-segal
2. cliffhanger-stallone
1. first blood-the itallian stallion himself. sly stallone
3. tiger
2. lion
1. unicorn
4) this would be a tough decision for me. but i think in the end i would go for sam jackson. because he was in shaft. check it out and see what im talking about.
5) khalil greene deserves to be rookie of the year because he is an amazing shortstop who turns highlight double plays on an almost nightly basis, and he can knock it out of the park, basically on command.
6) i would probably make donald trump god. because he is rich. and he has a hot fiancee and daughter. thats cool.
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